How We're Helping During COVID-19

3D printed COVID-19 face mask face shield

We started 6+ Supply just as the full impact of the current pandemic was being realized. 

We love making the high quality components that bring us joy as players, and take games to the next level—but as a veteran owned company we knew first-hand that even small efforts to support folks on the front lines, any front lines, can make a huge difference. 

Inspired by the Prusa company, Imperial Terrain, and Matter Hackers, we transitioned 100% of our FDM printing capacity to making approved-design face shield frames. We shipped out several batches to MatterHackers for distribution, as well as some fully-assembled versions for use by our local Silicon Valley medical facilities. 

Like a TON of other folks, we were stymied by the COVID supply chain to some degree - but once we cobbled together enough materials and found the right collaborations, everything fell into place.

It was a bit more challenging than we originally expected, especially for materials and assembly. We explored making the entire mask ourselves, including sourcing the clear shield material and assembly, followed by committed storage to ensure any virus on the masks was dead before we shipped to a healthcare facility. Ultimately the collaboration model with Matter Hackers was a perfect match.

To date, we have made and shipped over 100 frames and full masks to organizations and active volunteers in 3 states. We continue to look for new opportunities to contribute to this fight that affects everyone on the globe—and above all we are heartened and proud of the shared values of cooperation and action we've seen emerge in and around the maker community. 

We hope sharing our experience encourages others to take action and figure out ways to help—whether on a grand scale or just across the street.

Be well, and may you never be suppressed!


6+ Supply Quartermaster

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