6up Smart LED Lighting Chip
6up Smart LED Lighting Chip
6up Smart LED Lighting Chip
6up Smart LED Lighting Chip
6up Smart LED Lighting Chip
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6up Smart LED Lighting Chip

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Developed over countless hours and with tons of feedback from our friends in the table game community, we're delighted to offer our in-house designed LED chip for sale for the first time. 

This little dynamo is the beating heart of our LED Supply Crate Tokens and LED Mine Tokens - and now its available as a bare chip, ready to take on any tabletop lighting task you throw at it. Smaller than a quarter, our chip adds easy lighting to any on-table element, and lets you control it all without taking everything apart, thanks to on-board switching. 

Chip Features: 

  • 21.66mm diameter (a little smaller than a US Quarter) 
  • 5.7mm at thickest point, about 4.25mm average thickness
  • Included CR1225 battery
  • Pre-installed dual LEDs (red or green)
  • 2 additional power connections for easy customization, compatible with any color 3v LEDs
  • Compatible with most popular pre-wired hobby LEDs from Amazon, Greenworldstuff etc. 
  • in-board microswitch for super easy press-on and press-off use
  • Super-efficient current-balancing design

Example uses

For dual-wielding lightsaber minis, just clip off the on-board LEDs and wire up your lights, OR leave the internal LEDs and add yours for glowing lightsabers AND a fantastic lighting under-wash. You could even wire up a few more and power a whole General Grievous!

In vehicles, these hide easily and add lighting to cannons, turrets, and interiors. Our favorite recent use was a lighted Sabertank that used the gunner position as hidden power switch. Your creativity is the only limit.  

The chip also features a low-profile on-off button that lets you cycle the lights at-will - no more janky battery removal and iffy conductive paint to make your light up minis and terrain work. 

This listing is for the bare chip - but we also offer them with some additional parts kits to speed you on your way to your first (or 50th) LED lighted table element or mini.

Build Kits with LED Chips Included:

Legion Mini LED lighting kit 

LED Supply Crate kit

LED Mine Crate Kit