Legion Outriders Shipping Crate Terrain
English Font Side Piece
Space Font Side Piece
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Legion Outriders Shipping Crate Terrain

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Originally offered as a Patreon reward STL, 6+ Supply is proud to be the exclusive vendor of the Legion Outriders Shipping Crate Terrain piece! Printed in the perfect combination of materials to ensure awesome detail and sturdy construction, this terrain will protect your troopers from incoming fire and look good doing it!

Choose between 2 styles of side plate lettering: English or thematically accurate Space Font!

Support the Outriders at https://www.patreon.com/legionoutriders to receive a special discount code for printings of this and future Patreon rewards! And if you were a patron for the March 2021 cycle, don't forget to enter your code at checkout for a discount!