Team Relentless Bundle
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Team Relentless Bundle

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The Team Relentless terrain line is growing, and so are our deals! Designed to quickstart any table, this bundle includes one each of our Team Relentless Clubhouse and Karma5’s Shopfront, and 2 Team Relentless Barricades!

Every piece is printed in high quality PETG plastic or resin - the perfect stiff-but-flexible material for strong, long-lasting terrain pieces. These are so strong, you could hobby them, play them, strip them and start again! 

Shipped to you unpainted and ready to hobby up for your table’s style, all Team Relentless Terrain has been upgraded for power through our collaboration. Each bundle is packaged with our proprietary 6up Supply Smart LED Chips (red, green, or both), this phenomenal bundle is ready to compete for the honor of being the centerpiece of your table!