Real Beskar Steel Ingot Bounty Tokens
Real Beskar Steel Ingot Bounty Tokens
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Real Beskar Steel Ingot Bounty Tokens

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You can be a rich man too, with these mini ingots of Mando's favorite sacred steel.

Captured and melted down during the Great Purge, our Beskar ingots measure just over an inch tall - perfect for in-game use as a bounty token. 

They are printed in high resolution resin and finished with the exact same paint used in Mando's real armor (at $1400/gal, its almost as pricy as real Beskar). We're confident our tokens are the cheapest way to get film-correct Beskar steel into your life. 

These are finished in a 5 step process competed with a dark wash to accentuate the ingot pattern and mark of the Imperial Forge.

They come individually bagged, in sets of 2.