Things that make the games you love, better.
Things that make the games you love, better.
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Commission Terrain

Are you ready to bring your table to the next level, but are just intimidated by the idea of printing and hobbying your own terrain? We're here to help!

We are delighted to offer our skill as terrain builders to help you with the terrain project of your dreams. If you wish to commission fully painted and hobbied terrain, we start with a conversation to understand the look and feel you want your terrain to bring to your table. After agreeing on a design and price, we'll print, paint, weather, and apply other effects based on our collaborative vision, and ship it to you! 

We can base your terrain on any file from the Imperial Terrain library, or any other files that are open to commercial use. 

Contact us now to start building the perfect table for your armies!


Examples from our Portfolio