2023 Tournament Support: 16 Shield and 16 Suppression Tokens
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2023 Tournament Support: 16 Shield and 16 Suppression Tokens

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We are delighted to launch our first complete set of tokens to up your game of Star Wars: Legion as a part of our 2023 season of tournament support! Optimizing that unique feeling of a galaxy far, far away and usability on the table, we are incredibly proud of each unique token design. 

As part of our 2023 season of tournament packages for 16 or 32, our packages are structured for:

  • 16 Players
    • 16 Shield tokens (1 to each player)
    • 16 Suppression tokens (1 to each player)
    • 2 Galactic Tournament Trophies (Weighted Base, custom nameplates extra) 
  • 32 Players
    • 32 Shield tokens (1 to each player)
    • 32   Suppression tokens (1 to each player)
    • 1 Apprentice Legion Token Base Set
    •  Galactic Tournament Trophies (1 each for undefeated in 3 swiss rounds)
      • Custom nameplates are extra

Our Favorite Features

  • Each token is laser etched on dual material acrylic, and backed with a velvet coat to give that satisfying feeling in the hand and adherence to a game mat.
  • As players and fans of nice things in our games, we committed to make our tokens in a way that there would be no paper peeling required, ever (if you know, you know)!