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PlasmaBlade Line Laser

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A more elegant laser, for a more elegant line

Because why would you want a line laser that WASN'T a laser sword? 

Sometimes a product is so obvious, it sort of wills itself into existence. That's the story behind our 6upSupply PlasmaBlade Line Lasers. These faithfully-rendered, 3D printed laser swords slide around the ubiquitous Army Painter Line Laser help you measure your victory in-style. Especially popular with judges who are destined to bring balance to the force, our PlasmaBlade line is conveniently sized and ready to make a statement.

Printed in multi-color, with key details in clear and red, and black, over silver PETG plasitc, we modeled this with excellent fidelity directly from our own original, ANH-correct real, non-repro Graflex laser sword. 

Each order includes the PlasmaBlade casing, 1 Army Painter Targetlock Laser Line, and 3 batteries so you will be ready to beam the table right out of the box. Simply slide it in and fire it up!