Prep the Battlefield!

Prep the Battlefield!

A TTS Map Making Competition

Submission Form


Hello amazing creative Legion community! Legion 99 / Turn Zero, in partnership with the Star Wars Legion TTS Dev Foundation, is excited to announce the first season of Prep the Battlefield!, a TTS Map Making Competition! Unique and exciting maps are the foundation of any Legion game. We know you have some incredible ideas out there in the community, and we want to feature them for the entire audience of the TTS mod!

The top 5 maps in each category (Competitive, Thematic, and Skirmish) will earn a featured spot in the mod and the top map maker in the competitive category will win an invitation to a special episode of Turn Zero, featuring your map on the show! We’ll also announce more exciting prizes as the competition goes on!

Similar to past competitions, we’ll be evaluating maps based on Playability, Aesthetics, and Functionality. But we’re doing 2 things a little differently to find our next great map maker:

  1. Judges cannot submit entries
  2. Contestants are anonymous to judges

So it doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned designer with a well known name or a first time maker with a brilliant concept; it’s a level playing field!

How It Works

Submission Phase (Apr 18th - May 20th)

Contestants will create their maps using any and all resources available, including self made assets. Maps should be saved in your own Steam Workshop. Files should not indicate the creator’s identity (this helps maintain anonymity for the judging process). When complete, submit your entry at the form above!

Judging Phase (May 21st - June 24th)

Once anonymized, Judges will evaluate all submissions and narrow down to a top 5 in each category, followed by a rigorous evaluation to rank the top 5 for a winner.

Results Phase (June 25th - June 28th)

We’ll announce the results and award prizes!

Submissions are open now, and may the best maps win!


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