Our First Product - Mine Tokens!

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6+ Supply (pronounced "6up!") is excited to launch our first product, a selection of Mine Tokens perfectly suited to bring a deeper sense of immersion for tabletop war-games like Star Wars: Legion!  Check them out here.

We were inspired by Killian's guest post at The Fifth Trooper and their sharing of the original mine design with the world. We love the hobby aspect of these games, and like others had always felt that the OEM cardboard condition tokens were an opportunity to bring a new level of detail and immersion to our favorite game. Killian was incredibly gracious in letting us iterate on his awesome mine design and use it as a starting point for out explorations into a condition token with a whole new level of aesthetic and functional design. 

Starting from there, we iterated on the original mine design to fully integrate it into a custom, low profile base that would allow us to produce complete sets of 4 tokens in matching terrain.  

After almost a dozen revs, we arrived at our first production product—an ultra-premium mine token with the needs of real table game enthusiasts in mind. 

The 6+Supply Token features:

  • Base-token dimensions exactly matching official game play specs + sleek chamfered edges and recessed underside for seamless surface contact. 

  • Hyper-detailed mine, fully integrated into the base

  • The *exact* right magnet for the size and mass, recessed flush into the token—enough stick for safe transport with the rest of your army, but very easy to grab and reposition.

  • Fantastic weight and balance characteristics for *perfect* hand-feel and undeniably premium experience.  

Each token-base is then carefully and expertly handcrafted to match 4 styles of terrain: Desert, Wetlands, Grasslands, and Snow (coming soon).

We are delighted to offer these tokens for order now, and to thank Killian and The Fifth Trooper for paving the way!


May you never be suppressed!

Keegan & Drake

Quartermasters, 6+ Supply

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